Your contribution will go a long way in improving lives of underprivileged girls.

Meal Donation

Our Home girls are provided four wholesome meals a day, which are carefully curated to ensure balanced nutrients and taste are provided. You can make a specific meal donation for the girls in our Home, funding one special meal on any day.

Additional Information
General Donation

Please select the meal that you prefer

Supplementary Food Donations


Items for 100 girls

Dates — 2 per girl, once

Eggs — 1 per girl, 5 times

Bread, butter, jam — 1 serving per girl, twice

Seasonal Fruit – 1 fruit per girl, once (either apple, pear, orange, sweet lime, or guava)

Ice cream — 1 per girl, once

Fresh milk — 1 glass per girl, once


Donations in Kind

If you’d like to help us in kind, we have a monthly need for the following items:

  • 10 kgs of detergent
  • 100 kgs of dal
  • 100 kgs of sugar
  • 100 kgs of rice
  • 100 kgs of wheat
  • 10 kgs of Bournvita
  • 10 kgs of butter
  • Water Cooler for Residential Girls' Home Dining Room
  • Sanitary Napkins - 100 packets

Please conact Swapnalee Gurav at who will guide you through the process for donations in kind.