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Partner With Us

To give our girls more opportunities, education, and awareness outside the classroom, we invite organisations that are committed to improving and changing lives to work with us. Our partners include NGOs specialising in fields ranging from environmental education and sports to digital literacy and sexual abuse awareness. We are constantly looking to help our girls widen their horizons and provide them with greater opportunities.

Our Partners



Seva Sadan Society is privileged to participate in Mumbai-based NGO Centre for Environmental Research and Education’s unique project, Schools on Solar, which allows us to establish a green footprint, reduce energy consumption, and engage our students in the awareness and importance of renewable energy. The primary focus of CERE’s Schools on Solar Project (supported by IndusInd Bank) is solar installation with environmental education that includes topics like climate change and sustainability.

just for kicks

Just For Kicks

Just for Kicks is a programme run by Indian NGO Pragatee Foundation. It works with children to develop leadership skills and a teamwork ethic through football. Combining life skills with football drills, the curriculum has students engaging in rigorous year-round training, participating in national leagues, and getting scouted at games, simultaneously exposing them to sport and competition.

commit to change


Commit2Change is an American non-profit organisation that is committed to working with orphaned or abandoned teenage girls in four cities across India. C2C programmes are tailored to give these girls educational tools that empower them to create positive change in their communities. Their programmes include Adaptive Education Programmes, Tutoring, Peer-to-Peer Mentorship, and Mental Wellness Programmes.



Arpan is a Mumbai-based NGO that works on issues of child sexual abuse. Through parent and teacher interactions, as well as programmes in schools, Arpan educates children and adults on respecting their bodies, personal safety, as well as identifying and dealing with abuse.

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