A Place They Call Home

Our girls live in spacious, comfortable, and cheerful surroundings. They are cared for as every child deserves to be, with equal measure of love, understanding, and discipline, so that they can slowly reclaim their lost childhood.


Holistic Upbringing

Our matrons, who look after their daily needs, see to it that their lives are balanced with discipline, affection, and strong moral values. Over time, they develop long-lasting friendships and feel a sense of belonging by being part of the larger Seva Sadan family.


Leena is a naturally gifted artist who enrolled at the prestigious Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai for the Applied Art Programme. It was no surprise when she emerged as a star student, winning awards and topping her class.

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Physical and Mental Health

Balanced nutrition, regular health check-ups, and counselling ensure the girls’ physical and emotional well-being. Our counsellors deal with problems caused by their early childhood fears and anxieties and help them navigate issues such as hostility, attitude, responsibility, self-esteem, and gratitude—all of which form an important part of their overall upbringing.


Janki came to live with us as an ill-mannered and unkempt adolescent. Over the years, we groomed her to be a neatly dressed, polite, and self-assured young woman. Today she works as a waitress and lives in a home she rents from her earnings.

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Parental Involvement

Most of the girls living with us do have families. However, they are left in our care because their parents are unable to look after them or support them. Invariably, these young children feel unloved and rejected. To overcome this emotional trauma, we work with parents and guardians to build strong relationships with their daughters by being involved in their lives, encouraging them in their achievements, understanding their problems, and respecting their hopes and aspirations.

Girls from any community who are faced with difficult and unsafe living conditions can be referred to our Home for potential admission. The age for admission is between 6 and 12 years.
Please contact us at home@sevasadan.org


Meet Our Girls


Mitali Angre

Resident of the Home. Excels in the performing arts.

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Anita Jakhwadia

Resident of the Home. From a rebel to a well-adjusted young girl.

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Sharda's experiences at Seva Sadan are one-of-a-kind. She came here in 1976 as a young girl, and today she helps us care for a younger generation of girls as our Associate Matron.

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