Beyond Academics

We introduce our resident girls to varied life experiences, opening their minds to the wealth of diverse opportunities that are available to them in the real world.

Exposure to the Arts

We collaborate with well-known organizations such as Create Foundation, ADAPT, and Our Children, among others, who give our girls the opportunity to showcase their talents by inviting them to participate in public performances, competitions, workshops, and summer camps. The Seva Sadan girls are well known in the NGO world for their outstanding performing skills, which constantly gets validated with the prizes they win.

exposure to the arts

Art supports emotional growth by allowing children to express their feelings through lines, colours, and textures. Over the years, the girls have developed their individual styles of expression and execute challenging assignments with a sense of refined aesthetics. They have also developed cultural sensitivity through exposure to the works of world masters and folk art.

Shital Mehta, Art Teacher & Founder/Director, Drawing from Within

Stepping into Spotlight

Memorable experiences include performances in The Sound of Music and Mahatma at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai; dance performances at the Gateway of India in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Indian Air Force and at the Kala Ghoda Festival of Performing Arts; participation in the Mumbai Marathon to raise funds for Seva Sadan; and participation in a photography workshop.


Meet Our Girls


Leena Kawankar

Former Resident of the Home. Gold Medallist in Applied Art from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai.

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Tulsi Desai

Resident of the Home. Talented choreographer.

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Apart from learning just self-defence, these young girls have shed their inhibitions remarkably. They have learnt to harness their inner and physical strength, gained confidence and self-discipline, and are motivated to be winners at life. If they continue with the passion and grit as they are doing now, they are more than capable of being champions and even choosing Karate as a well-sustaining career.

Sensei Kaivan Fatakia, Technical Director, Karate-do Gojukai India