self sufficiency

Vocational Training:
Seva Sadan is committed to helping disadvantaged women become self-reliant. To meet this objective we have introduced different vocational classes to provide them an opportunity to learn a skill, which in turn could be their first step towards self-sufficiency.

Our vocational classes are run by trained professionals and are open to all low-income girls and women. The course fees are subsidized and affordable for those with a limited income.

self sufficiency

Tailoring Course: (Six-Months Course)
This course gives women different options: they can take tailoring orders and work from home, or seek employment in garment factories or tailoring workshops.

self sufficiency

English Conversation: (One-month course)
Our English conversation class is conducted by trained teachers, who specialize in techniques of teaching spoken English, which helps to improve the student’s communication skills. This intensive one-month course is aimed at giving women an edge when seeking employment, since knowledge of English is an added advantage in any job.

Personality Development (One-Month Course)
This course helps students gain confidence and improve their social skills. It teaches the importance of body language and the polite way to conduct oneself in company so that they may have a well-groomed personality.

self sufficiency
self sufficiency Beauty Course: (Two-Months Course)
With ‘beauty’ having become big business, where looking good has become the aspiration of millions of women in every strata of society and beauty salons are proliferating to meet the increasing demand, Seva Sadan has taken advantage of this trend to start professional beauty treatment classes for women. At the end of the course, students go through an exam conducted by a leading beauty salon. We are happy to state that almost everyone who has passed this course has found employment in salons or they freelance from home and earn a steady income.

self sufficiency

Mehndi Application: (Two-Months Course)

This age-old Indian tradition has exploded in popularity today. At every auspicious event, be it a wedding or a festival, people seek creative mehndiwallis to apply intricate and beautiful designs to adorn their hands and feet.People are prepared to pay a handsome price to the talented mehndiwallis.

Recognizing this trend, Seva Sadan has started a very popular Mehndi course run by an accomplished Mehndi teacher who teaches different artistic designs.

Bakery Course (One Month course)
To encourage girls and women to be self-starters, or get a job in the burgeoning food industry, we started bakery course where we teach the technicalities and skill of baking cakes, breads, and savouries.It has become an immensely popular course with the young girls, housewives as well as aspiring bakers.