Pre-Primary and Primary English School:

In 2008, our centenary year, we set up a Pre-Primary and Primary English School to meet the aspirations and a growing demand from young, low-income parents for an English medium Nursery school.

The successful growth of the Pre-Primary School resulted in the start-up of the Primary School, which has classes up to standard III. In 2014, the school will introduce standard IV.

Learning about colours through play acting

From merely 20 students in our first year, the popularity of our English Medium School has grown exponentially within a span of 5 years. Today the combined strength for the Pre-Primary and Primary English School is 103 students.



The Seva Sadan Annexe that houses the Pre-Primary and Primary School

  A typical Primary School classroom

  Colourful classrooms for a happy

  Teaching the little ones concepts through

School Services and Activities:

  • New concepts of teaching with modern teaching aids ensure a strong foundation
  • Audio-visual aids are used to impart information to make learning fun
  • Our computer laboratory introduces students to basic computer skills
  • A well-stocked library encourages them to read, borrow books and puzzles
  • Field trips are organized to expand their knowledge
  • Extra-curricular activities for their all round development
  • Speech and drama classes help them gain confidence
  • Social and cultural activities, where students are encouraged to participate actively
  • Celebration of various festivals in school to expose them to India’s cultural diversity
  • Nutritious snacks are provided daily
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Both schools offer co-education

  •    Learning about nutrition through
       hands-on projects

        Every area of the schoolhouse
        has a clean and cheerful look

        Computer learning is an important
          part of the school’s curriculum

            Bright and airy classrooms
           conducive to learning

    Fast Forward to 2014

    As the demand for admissions to our Primary English Medium School increased, we felt an urgent need to expand the existing space so that we could enroll more students and add Standard IV.

    Towards this end, we decided to restore and repair a decrepit and dilapidated old building (Seva Sadan’s Annexe II) located directly behind the existing Pre-Primary and Primary School.

    We took on this project in June 2013 and within a year, by June 2014, before the new school term commenced, we had renovated and transformed the old Annexe II building into a brand new schoolhouse, with bright and cheerful classrooms and an up-to-date computer lab.