Situated in the heart of the city of Mumbai, Seva Sadan is housed in a handsome structure built at the turn of the 20th century by our founders, Shri Behramjee Malbari and Diwan Dayaram Gidumal.

Today, we provide free to low cost accommodation and a congenial and nurturing family atmosphere to approximately 100 girls.

There are a few elderly women who still live with us and have lived here for over 65 years. This has been the only home they have ever known. Old as they are, those who are in good health continue to contribute their time and skills for the welfare of the Seva Sadan community. For those who are ill and ailing, Seva Sadan provides medical care and employs caregivers to look after their needs.

The dormitory - clean and comfortable living quarters for the girls

Admission Criteria:
While admission to the Home is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, there are certain criteria for admission:

  • The minimum age of the girl should be     8 years
  • Orphans
  • Street children
  • Single mothers who are unable to provide adequate shelter to their girl child and are willing to come and live at the Home with their daughter. Seva Sadan then looks after the child’s needs and the mother is given employment at the institution.
  • Daughter of a single parent
  • A girl child whose parents are unable to provide for her
  • Homeless girls and women

  • To instill a sense of self-worth and self-reliance, the women who live at Seva Sadan are assigned duties and jobs for which they are given a small remuneration.

    Mealtime for the girls

    A beaming group of girls just back
    from school


  • We run our own kitchen where fresh, nutritious meals are prepared daily, so that the residents can have a balanced diet. The older girls living at the Home assist the women running the kitchen as part of their duties. At the same time it also provides them with basic cooking skills.
  • The medical needs of the residents are taken care of by reputed doctors of the Jaslok Hospital, a leading hospital in Mumbai.
  • We have qualified and experienced counsellors who help and guide those girls suffering from mental trauma as well as those with emotional or behavioural problems.
  • The overall well-being of the girls is looked after by caring matrons who become the mother figure and manage the smooth functioning of the girls’ lives, instill discipline, provide emotional support, teach them personal hygiene and grooming, and maintain a clean living environment.

  • Games in the evening. Time for some fun

    The Matron Sheetal, whom the girls fondly call 'mummy'

    Caregivers are employed by Seva Sadan for old and ailing residents like Kamal Raje (left) and Sulochna (right) who have lived here for over 50 years.

    Ms. Bhanukutty
    Panicker has lived at
    Seva Sadan for over
    65 years and was a
    matron for the girls
    for the better part of
    her life. She still over-
    sees the girls activities