Marathi and Semi-English High School

The Seva Sadan High School is for girls only and is aided by the Education Department of the Government of Maharshtra. This school runs in two shifts and is open to all, including the girls who live at the Seva Sadan Home.
  • The school runs from Standard V to Standard X and it prepares the students for their SSC Board Examination.
  • Although the medium of instruction is Marathi, English is also taught as a third language to all classes.
  • One Division of each Class from Standard V to Standard X is semi-English, where Math and Science are taught in English.
  • education
    A High School class


  • Students are given instruction in computer skills so that they can be prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world.
  • Sports
  • Girl Guides
  • Road Safety Patrol
  • Art and Craft
  • Classical Indian Dance: Kathak
  • Career Guidance is offered to Standard IX and Standard X girls to guide them towards the various career options available to them.
  • Parental involvement through regular parent-teacher meetings.
  • We provide additional tuitions for those students who need them to improve their academic performance.
  • Student Strength:  425


    Community Involvement:

    Seva Sadan reaches out to the larger community of women as well, especially to mothers whose daughters study at the Seva Sadan School.

  • We organize regular parent-teacher meetings, where parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education and their overall development.

  • Vocational training is offered to women (with preference given to mothers of our students) during the hours that their children are in school, so that they can learn a skill, which could help them earn a living.

  • Trained social workers function as a link between the community and our students. They visit and educate the parents about the importance of ensuring regular school attendance of their daughters and encourage their active participation in their children’s lives.

  • These social workers also promote the various vocational courses that we offer to mothers, who need skills to earn an additional income.

  • Through the services of the social worker we try to ensure that we reach out to those women in society who need help the most.